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Create Your Origin Story That Sells?
You have a story and a message that can make a difference to your life and the lives of the people you want to serve… don’t miss this chance to harness that power.
The next 'ORIGIN STORY CHALLENGE' will be in coming soon.
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Why do you do what
you do?
It’s probably because you’re good at it.

It’s likely that you’ve seen the benefit in your life or someone close to you.

Chances are you also want to make a difference to the people you serve and have more impact on the world.

Then there’s the freedom and flexibility, so that you can pursue your other passions and spend more time with your family.

And of course, it’s how you make money, so that you can live the life you dream of.

BUT… despite the having the skills, the purpose and the passion, for so many entrepreneurs and business owners it’s also true that:

  •  they’re not reaching enough of the people they can impact;
  •  they’re not making the money they expected to; and
  • they’re not spending enough time on their passion and with their family.
And this is because they can’t find how to share what they do in a way that people can easily relate to and connect to at an emotional level, so that they see the value and want to buy the product or service.

Before I share with you MY GOAL for the ‘Origin Story Challenge’ for YOU… let me ask you a few questions…
Would You Answer YES to Any of These Questions?
  • Are you just getting started, and have NO IDEA where to start in finding and creating your origin story that sells?
  • Have you tried before but just can’t seem to put it together in a way that connects?
  • Do you have multiple options and you’re not sure which is the best story to use?
  •  Do you know what story you want to use but don’t know what to do next?
  •  Do you have your story clear but you want to capture client case studies in a way that engages and moves people to action and you don’t know how to do this?
If you answered 'YES' to ANY of the questions above, then I want to invite you to join the ‘Origin Story Challenge’ and start making your customers fall in love with what you offer.
So, Here Is How The Challenge Works...
You fill out the registration form below and commit to:
  •   taking the time to watch the video;
  •  completing the daily tasks; and
  •  asking questions if you’re not clear on something.
Then, in exchange for investing your time and making your commitment, you get all of this…
If you want to find and create your origin story that sells, then this is the mission we’re giving you…
TAKE ACTION And Complete the Tasks Given to You, Every Day for Just 5 Days 
Do YOU Accept?
Need some more convincing about taking the Origin Story Challenge with me?
Let me share what other people have said about working with me and the impact of having their origin story:
Telling your story is a great way to help people understand who you are and decide whether they like you! I went on a course about telling your story held by Sarah Archer. She helped me to understand why it’s so important for people to know your history and why you’re doing what you’re doing now. They connect with you at a deeper level than: ‘oh, Reshma, that lady that does your colours’. They understand that, for me, it’s not about superficial fashion but actually about empowering people to look and feel amazing every day, setting an example for my daughters and working with charities. 

Reshma Field, Ishbel’s Wardrobe
“I found Sarah’s bootcamp invaluable for two reasons. Firstly, I really enjoyed the content of the course which gave me an opportunity to step out of my business, think about why I do what I do, what motivates me and so will hopefully motivate people to buy my services. Secondly, Sarah herself; she is excellent at asking those ‘why’ questions and teasing out ideas and information so I ended up with an origin story, and ultimately a pitch, that I am happy with and feel fully reflects me, what I do, and why I do it. I’d definitely recommend it to others.”

Jo Smyth – WordWorker
“Before I did the Stories for Sales Bootcamp I was having difficulty getting to grips with what my message was and what my business values were. I thought the course sounded like a different and interesting way to approach my problem. It helped me a lot in setting out what my story was and thinking about the reasons I set up my own business. I feel like I am clearer on what my story is. I’m still refining it all the time, but it has given me a framework to use and I’ve already used the story in one presentation and have a blog piece written based around it. I’d recommend the course to anyone who is struggling with the story behind their business. It’s a fun course and Sarah’s relaxed and friendly approach make it engaging and enjoyable.”

Tim Perkins, TMP Planning
It was a great workshop, at a fun pace, lots of practice and I’ve come away feeling I can put it all in action and make a difference to my sales! Thanks Sarah Archer!”

Heather Mills, Owner, Duck Soup HR
Sarah gave a great insight into storytelling, how to use it as a very powerful marketing tool and it has already allowed me to present complex concepts in simple terms. This is not just a sales training. It helps on so many levels! Thank you!

Bart Janaszek, Operations Director, Digital Trading

This course is great value. I now have a better understanding of how to use stories in different ways for my business. I have a clear plan to follow thanks to the workbook to help write lots of different stories and make them work for me rather than them just be ‘my sob story’. It will make writing less daunting for me and also faster as I used to procrastinate that kind of thing. I would definitely recommend this course especially if you need to get your message across clearly and your livelihood depends on it.

Julie Nichols
“Sarah is great fun to work with. Passionate, fun and knowledgable. Her laser sharp focus and wit ensure great content and value in every session. Sarah is always generous in sharing her ideas to improve your own ideas. Thanks Sarah!”

Sian Perham, Aligned Leadership
Having launched my business six months prior to attending the Stories That Sell Bootcamp I found that I was having lots of ‘nice’ conversations with people at networking events but was struggling to actually convert these into sales. After meeting Sarah, and hearing her speak, I realised that I needed to tailor my message in such a way that it hit on the pain point or ultimate goal of my potential clients - I knew what this was, but hadn’t been able to find the right way to articulate it.

The bootcamp was just what I needed. Within my group there were a diverse range of businesses and personalities which enabled us all to look at our specific offering from a number of different perspectives. Sarah combined practical exercises, to tease out our stories, with hints and tips on how to structure our sales pitch in a way to would appeal to potential clients.

I now feel much more confident when speaking to prospects and have a solid back story which encapsulates my journey and highlights how this has enabled me to help others in a similar predicament.

I would definitely recommend the course. It provides a great opportunity to look at your business from a different perspective and the follow-up support provided by Sarah ensures that you take action, rather than lose momentum which can so often be the case.

Jane Abbot – Smart PA
Each day of the Origin Story Challenge, you’ll be given a task that you’ll need to complete in order to find and create your origin story.

The challenge worksheet acts as your companion to each day’s video training.

Each worksheet has:
  •  A Checklist if there’s more than one task;
  •  Space for brainstorming and answering the thought-provoking questions;
  • Any additional resource links you might need to complete the task(s) of the day.
These worksheets will keep you on track.
This Challenge is NOT for 
If you want to watch all the videos but never take action, that’s entirely up to you.

(But chances are, nothing will actually change in your business…If that’s what you want to do, then this challenge is probably not for you).

If you are willing to COMMIT and do the daily tasks just for 5 days …

If you want to me to teach you and coach you so that you walk away with your origin story structure in a way that it will CONNECT with people...

If you need a firm PUSH from a coach who will hold you accountable, and make sure that you get these tasks DONE (no excuses!)...

Then I’m inviting you to accept the ‘Origin Story Challenge’, to find and create your origin story, and use it to start creating momentum in your business!
So, who am I to be teaching and coaching you about your origin story?

I’m the founder of Story Led Marketing
I’m a two-time author
I’m a published international playwright 
I’m a stand-up comedian and comedy coach
I’m a copywriter and marketing consultant whose helped hundreds of business owners find their stories that sell
I’m a podcast host for The Speaking Club (now in 108 countries) and Story Led Marketing, (just launched)

And… I’m a lover of storytelling and humour who wants to show the world that even the simplest story is a powerful business tool.

I want to help you find and create your origin story to get better business results this year, so come and join me in this FREE five-day challenge.

I’ll see you in there… only don’t hang around ’cause there’s only 100 spots.
Why Time Is Of The Essence...
The next challenge is starting VERY SOON!  
If this page is open, it means that the challenge is still open for registrations, but it will be closing down soon.
And if you're wondering... well, can't I just take the challenge next time it opens up?
Well, the answer is MAYBE...

This is the first time we’re running the challenge and I'm not sure if or when the next challenge will be...

But, more importantly, what about the people you could have reached with your story, that won't have a chance to hear it, because you waited until next time.

(Not to mention there are only 100 spots available!)

There is an old Chinese proverb about this that talks about trees… but everyone’s heard that… here’s a better one…

“if you snooze you lose”

(I’ve got no idea who said it, but they were spot on!)

NOW is the best time for you to take the 'Origin Story Challenge'
Here's What To Do Next...
From here it's just a matter of signing up and then we'll send you an email explaining exactly what happens, what you need to do and when.
Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and read this letter. I look forward to working with you to create your origin story that sells!
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:
When you join the "Origin Story Challenge" you get access to a completely FREE membership site just for the challenge. You’ll get training each day and a task to complete, with a worksheet to guide you through it. PLUS you’ll also get a live group coaching call each day with me and access to a closed student centre.
Sound good? Then what are you waiting for!?! Join the "Origin Story Challenge" today!

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